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At times life is unfair, and bad things happen to everyone. The rich have access to law, lawyers, and the court system. The poor and illiterate do not even know about the protections of the law, let alone have access to lawyers and the court system.  
Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) is working to change this. Through our legal-aid division, we are building an army of lawyers, who are passionate about law, and also are keen on making the law accessible to the poor and unfortunate.
Starting from April 2023, on the 2nd Saturday of each month, ILA will host an open forum for legal aid, where legal experts from a particular domain (civil, family, corporate, tax, & so on) will devote time for 45 minutes and address the queries of those in need.
Based on the intensity of the matter, the discussion can either finish right then, or, be continued separately with ILA coordinating between those in need of legal aid, and the lawyer who is keen on helping.
A list of domain areas per session will be published on the ILA website, social media handles, and through emails on a quarterly basis.
At the end of the day, it’s the law that creates a society. For us to become a successful society there must be fairness, equality, and speedy justice for all. Law is the neutralizing force.
Working for the social cause of providing legal aid to those in need, this initiative will also be a platform for professionals to come together, network, be a part of initiatives where ILA partners, and be proud lawyers, responsible for driving the function of law in the country.
Additionally, these professionals will be listed on the ILA website as ILA Legal Aid Champions and will get national-level visibility for participating in the noble cause.

ILA is an organization that unifies lawyers and provides a platform pan-India where the members can network, exchange ideas, get a job or hire someone, learn and teach, learn ways to create more wealth, and have a lot more fun in life. Currently, ILA has chapters in more than 70 cities and works with 30000+ lawyers in India. With its strong objectives to support Indian lawyers, as well as its wide network and vibrancy, ILA will play a key role in transforming how the law is looked at in our country.

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The interactions will be hosted on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Watch out this space for more info