The ABC of IBC

ILA Webinar: The ABC of IBC: Everything you always wanted to do about Filing, Prosecuting, and Administering Bankruptcy and insolvency

Sunday, 29th October at 11:30 AM IST

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Join us at this event, which will cover:
▪️ What is corporate insolvency? How to initiate the resolution process?
▪️ Kinds of debt
▪️ Objectives of IBC
▪️ Insolvency regulator and adjudicating authority
▪️ How to become an insolvency professional?
▪️ Liquidation

Mediation ACT 2023

Mediation has long been recognized as an effective and less adversarial method of resolving disputes, both in legal and non-legal contexts. A significant development in the field of mediation emerged on September 15, 2023, with the enactment of the Mediation Act, 2023. The legislation aims to promote and regulate mediation as a primary means of resolving disputes in various sectors, including civil, commercial, family, and community disputes.

To know every detail about the recent mediation act, join us at the upcoming event on October 14th, Saturday, where our legal experts will brief us on this topic.

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Webinar on Banking Laws

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Banking law, deeply rooted in history, shapes the modern financial system through a complex set of regulations. It ensures stability and integrity within the industry. This session delves into its components, and current relevance worldwide.

A critical facet is bankruptcy law, governing procedures for distressed banks. It offers a structured process for entities in financial crisis. This knowledge is vital for banks, regulators, and policymakers, crucial in preventing systemic financial crises by facilitating the orderly resolution of distressed institutions.

In an evolving financial landscape, staying informed about these laws is essential for lawyers, bankers, policymakers, and consumers, as they underpin trust and stability in the global financial system.
Join us for our upcoming webinar, where professionals from varied legal backgrounds will come together to share their thoughts and experiences on this topic.
September 30th, 2023 | 11 AM IST

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Navigating Indian dowry laws

Navigating Indian dowry laws involves understanding the legal framework, the rights of individuals involved, the challenges faced, and recent legal reforms. The practice of dowry has often been abused, leading to legal interventions to protect individuals from its negative consequences.
Many cases of dowry-related abuse go unreported due to social stigma, fear, and pressure from families. Societal norms and expectations can exert pressure on families to give or demand dowries, perpetuating the cycle. There have been instances of false dowry harassment cases being filed, leading to concerns about the misuse of legal provisions.

Strengthening Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Awareness Campaigns, Legal Aid, and Empowerment Initiatives are some of the legal reforms and initiatives.
Are they helping? What more can we do as Indian Lawyers?

Join us at the upcoming panel discussion on this topic.
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Impact of Internal Committee (IC) Proceedings on our Mental Health | PoSH Law

While the IC proceedings are crucial for addressing and preventing such incidents, they can also have an impact on the mental health of both the complainant and the accused, as well as other individuals involved. Mental health in the context of IC proceedings is often overlooked or downplayed. 

The occurrences where an unusual incident in a committee meeting where an external member expressed stress about the proceedings, are not rare. 

As IC members, what steps can be taken to manage such scenarios?

Panic attacks, experienced by anyone in high-stress situations, warrant empathy. Irrespective of whether someone is a victim or respondent, guilty or innocent, acknowledging this human experience is essential. IC members are trained to handle such situations. They reassure both parties that the proceedings aim not only to support the victim but also uncover the truth. Maintaining an impartial and unbiased stance helps create comfort. While being cognizant of mental health isn’t legally mandated, some companies establish counselling boards to ensure both parties’ well-being.

This leads to the question of how much involvement is appropriate from external or internal committees, given that proceedings are legally confidential. In the legal field, detachment from victims is advised, yet listening to deeply personal traumas challenges this. Legal experts suggest that India must adopt the effective trauma-handling training which is already used outside India effectively.

Moreover, recognizing when to seek mental health help is vital. Companies should openly discuss coping with mental challenges during induction or interviews. Such conversations foster understanding of the need for counsellors. During stress, individuals should identify and address their emotional state; seeking counselling when unable to cope is crucial. Acceptance of mental health struggles, hindered by factors like gender and upbringing, is imperative. Open conversations, both online and offline, facilitate connections and problem-sharing, not necessarily with counsellors but also friends.

So, when is it in IC Proceedings that we can identify whether the person is really going through a panic attack or a stressful event or is trying to pretend for sympathy? To identify such behaviour, we need to develop an assertive behaviour and by time we recognize whether the person is pretending or not.

In conclusion we can say that to help people with their mental health during the stressful events like IC proceedings, it is very important to talk about it openly without supressing it within which will adversely affect our minds.

We at Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) undertook a session on this important topic, where experts Sujatha T, Kanisshka Tyagi, and Radhika Dubey came together to share their thoughts and experiences. This session was hosted in association with KelpHR, and Ms. Smita Shetty Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO moderated this event. Watch the recording at 

ILA Open Discussion Forum – A letter to the Law Minister from ILA

Saturday, August 12th, 11 a.m. IST

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This Independence Day, let’s unite to create a remarkable change in India’s legal system. The Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) is thrilled to announce the part II of the Open Discussion Forum, where legal professionals from across the country will join to draft 51 suggestions aimed at making our legal system one of the best in the world.

We held the first part of this discussion last month and had very positive and overwhelming comments from various legal professionals, with the following outcomes:

  • Improve the natural justice process and establish guidelines to prevent delays.
  • Ensure that law students receive adequate practical trainings.
  • Give qualified people fair opportunities.
  • Fill up judiciary vacancies when transfers happen every 3 years.
  • Enable live recordings of all court hearings to ensure transparency throughout the judiciary.
  • Reconcile relations with the legislation and the judiciary.
  • Put the Public Servants Accountability Act into practice.
  • Improve the Public Defender System.
  • Gender-neutral rape laws must be implemented.
  • Introduce more expertise and better trainings to judges to avoid delays of cases.

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Join us at the part II of this event on August 12 where eminent legal professionals will share their ideas and opinions.

You are also invited to participate in the discussion and share your points of view and

help us draft 51 points on how to make our legal system one of the best in the world and build a transparent, efficient, and just legal system that we can be proud of.

This Independence Day, we will make efforts to collate the outcomes of both these events and share them with the office of India’s Law Minister. 

Do let us know if you wish to speak during the event about any specific comments or points pertaining to the topic.

The Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) is an organization comprising professionals from all walks of the legal fraternity. With the combined forces of 400 chapters across the nation and the continued determination of all our members, we hope to transform the way our country looks at its legal system.

Do join us! ILA Open Discussion Forum – A letter to the Law Minister from ILA

Saturday, August 12th, 11 AM IST 

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ILA Rajasthan Session-Series On Drafting And Pleading

Drafting and pleading are two essential skills for lawyers and legal professionals. Drafting refers to the process of creating legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and pleadings. Pleading involves the preparation of legal documents filed with a court, such as complaints, answers, and motions.

Drafting and pleading require a combination of legal knowledge, writing ability, and attention to detail to ensure that a client’s case
is presented effectively and accurately in court.

Join us for a series of sessions with experts coming from across the country to speak on this important topic; hosted by the ILA Rajasthan chapters.

Session 1 included the fundamentals of drafting, with speaker Mr. Joveson C. J. whereas session 2 focused on notices under drafting, conducted by Dr. Vidyottma Jha. Mr. Gagan Gandhi, during session 3, covered the area of Criminal Matters.

Join us this Saturday for Session 4, which will focus on
-Negative Final Report

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