Saturday, August 12th, 11 a.m. IST

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This Independence Day, let’s unite to create a remarkable change in India’s legal system. The Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) is thrilled to announce the part II of the Open Discussion Forum, where legal professionals from across the country will join to draft 51 suggestions aimed at making our legal system one of the best in the world.

We held the first part of this discussion last month and had very positive and overwhelming comments from various legal professionals, with the following outcomes:

  • Improve the natural justice process and establish guidelines to prevent delays.
  • Ensure that law students receive adequate practical trainings.
  • Give qualified people fair opportunities.
  • Fill up judiciary vacancies when transfers happen every 3 years.
  • Enable live recordings of all court hearings to ensure transparency throughout the judiciary.
  • Reconcile relations with the legislation and the judiciary.
  • Put the Public Servants Accountability Act into practice.
  • Improve the Public Defender System.
  • Gender-neutral rape laws must be implemented.
  • Introduce more expertise and better trainings to judges to avoid delays of cases.

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Join us at the part II of this event on August 12 where eminent legal professionals will share their ideas and opinions.

You are also invited to participate in the discussion and share your points of view and

help us draft 51 points on how to make our legal system one of the best in the world and build a transparent, efficient, and just legal system that we can be proud of.

This Independence Day, we will make efforts to collate the outcomes of both these events and share them with the office of India’s Law Minister. 

Do let us know if you wish to speak during the event about any specific comments or points pertaining to the topic.

The Indian Lawyers Association (ILA) is an organization comprising professionals from all walks of the legal fraternity. With the combined forces of 400 chapters across the nation and the continued determination of all our members, we hope to transform the way our country looks at its legal system.

Do join us! ILA Open Discussion Forum – A letter to the Law Minister from ILA

Saturday, August 12th, 11 AM IST 

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