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We at Indian Lawyers Association are happy to partner with Kelp HR for our this month’s session on the PoSH Law.

The panel discussion will be on the Best Practices and learnings in PoSH from the KelpHR PoSH Awards® 2022.

Apart from discussing best practices, we’ll also be delving into what ‘beyond compliance’ means and what it takes to get there; meeting employee and regulator expectations, and challenges to best efforts.

The panel for our webinar includes Capt. Geeta Jadhav, from Tata Power; a company who’s made it as one of the Safest Workplaces in India in all three editions of the KelpHR PoSH Awards, Jyoti Grover, Jury member at the KelpHR PoSH awards 2022 and moderated by CEO & Co-founder of Kelp HR – Smita C Kapoor

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